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Meet Our Agents

Real Estate Sales Associate

Daphny Wolff

Daphny Wolff  - Licensed Realtor joined Seaside Realty of Brevard LLC in October of 2015.  A southern girl from the Heart of Dixie, growing up in Alabama she lived in several wonderful cities including Gulf Shores. Daphny worked in customer service for over 32 years after graduating from … [Read more]

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Real Estate Sales Associate

Rhonda Lee

Rhonda Lee, has been a Licensed Realtor/Sales Associate in Brevard County for over 20 years. She joined Seaside Realty of Brevard in July of 2013. Rhonda provides knowledge, experience and shares her positive and upbeat personality. In her free time, Rhonda loves to travel, play golf, drink wine, and spend quality time with … [Read more]

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Real Estate Broker/Owner/Licensed CAM

John Gal

John Gal, broker/owner of Seaside Realty of Brevard, LLC in Cape Canaveral, Florida, serving the needs of residential, commercial, and investment clients in Brevard County. Specializing  in Foreclosures, Short Sales, and negotiating with banks, with the key being always staying in touch to produce   results … [Read more]

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Mary Gal

Mary Gal, Broker/Owner of Seaside Realty of Brevard. Originally from Rogoznik, Poland, relocated from Chicago to Cocoa Beach in 1991. Mary  has over 25 years of ownership, sales and management experience in the hospitality industry.  Transitioning to Real Estate division was an easy decision achieved in 2010 … [Read more]

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Real Estate Broker Associate

Michele A. Abbenante

Michele Abbenante proudly joined "Seaside Realty Of Brevard" as a Broker Associate in 2014. Michele is also the Broker/Owner of Traditions Realty in upstate NY And brings to Florida 25+ years of experience, professionalism, and expertise and all phases of Real Estate including residential, commercial, vacant land, and vacation … [Read more]

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Real Estate Sales Associate

Maria Edwards

Maria B Edwards believes Real Estate is one of the most exciting and rewarding investments one can make. It is Maria's goal to provideclients with superior service at all times. In the past, Maria was the Customer Service Manager for a major airline and FedEx. Joined the Real Estate industry in 2003, … [Read more]

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Real Estate Sales Associate

Lynn Rattenbury

Lynn Rattenbury  Originally from the Pacific Northwest where she was a business owner and held commercial property, Lynn Rattenbury has been involved with real estate for over two decades. With Seaside Realty of Brevard since its inception; she has been acting property manager for sister company, and received her Realtor® … [Read more]

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Real Estate Sales Associate

Diane Kirschenbaum

Diane Kirschenbaum, is a Licensed Realtor/Sales Associate. She joined Seaside Realty of Brevard in the summer of 2018.  Diane comes from the legal field, she possess knowledge, experience and shares her positive and upbeat personality. In her free time, Diane loves to travel, and spend quality time with family & … [Read more]

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